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If you need ESL or English as a Second Language courses, we’ve found them for free or cheap near you! Check our map for more details. The classes we’ve included are usually taught by local agencies, Churches, libraries or community colleges. We’ll include whatever local ESL resources we’ve found on the map. In addition to on-site ESL courses, there are numerous other online resources you can use. The following is an excerpt from our blog at Learning English isn’t easy but it’s so worth it! To help you master this new language, we’ve compiled this list of helpful resources. From ESL online classes to games to learn English, these resources can help you learn how to communicate effectively in English! 1) Get a FREE Mango Languages {or similar} subscription from your local library 2) Learn English in easy 5 minute lessons with the DuoLingo smartphone app! 3) Use the USA Learns website’s online ESL courses! 4) Visit for over 2,500+ FREE ESL online classes! 5) Join the English Club for helpful information, including slang and conversational English. 6) Check out the many ESL lessons available at!
Not quite what you’re looking for? Here are even more Online ESL Resources! You may be able to get a FREE subscription from your local library! Many libraries offer these services for FREE and some even offer on-site ESL courses and conversation times. Click here and find your local library for more information. 5 Minute English – These lessons are divided into short, easy segments to help you practice the English language in short, manageable amounts of time. English, Baby! – This site is free to use but requires you to register. Every day, you’ll have access to a new English lesson. You’ll also have access to English chat rooms, forums, vocabulary lessons, quizzes and downloadable audio files. ESL Student Lounge has hundreds of lessons divided into different learning levels. You can visit their website or download their app to start learning today. Pumarosa provides detailed lessons for beginners, intermediate learners and more! Learn 4 Good provides helpful online ESL courses for those learning English as a second language. Check out their exercises here! 20 Minute ESL Lessons encourage you to study a little every day. Lessons include audio playback, quizzes and follow up exercises. Games Fun, interactive games to learn English will help you practice what you’ve learned. These are way more fun than studying textbooks and tests! Apples 4 the Teacher helps you learn common words with this list of online games. These games focus on common words including weather, food, family, clothing, anatomy and more. The Internet TESL Journal  has another great way to master English vocabulary. Check out these games! Verb Busters provides an interactive game for conjugating verbs. As you solve problems quickly,  you’ll earn more points and move up the ranks. You can adjust the difficult and use the ‘hint’ feature! Cram helps you create and study thousands of flash cards. Use sets that other people have already made or make your own! Over 178 million flash cards already exist, with nearly a million added every week. Vocabulary Can Be Fun uses games to encourage mastery of new words. These basic games include unscramble, matching, word building, slang games, and more. Video & Audio Videos and audio files are an important resource when you’re learning English as a second language online. These resources help you learn the proper pronunciation of the new words you’re learning. invites you to practice English pronounciation with these helpful Youtube videos and these songs and read-along story podcasts.  Antimoon offers audio clips designed to help you learn pronunciation and intonation. English Leap provides helpful pronunciation instruction, especially for difficult letter combinations. They also have an app. Coaching & Tutoring teaches you exactly what you need to learn with adaptive, interactive coaching. It’s fast, fun and free! Their multimedia lessons often focus on vocabulary and spelling. has experienced tutors that provide detailed guides to help you better understand the parts of speech in the English language. English Forums, the largest “Learn English” community online, invites you to ask questions and discuss ideas. Questions are usually answered in about 30 minutes. Lesson Guides & Quizzes Dave’s ESL Cafe provides hundreds of lessons on grammar, idioms, phrases, slang and more! has vocabulary, exercises and listening activities. Some features are available free and others require a paid subscription. has 35 linked quizzes, practice exercises and more. The Internet TESL Journal features vocabulary quizzes that will help you learn words related to everything from food to health care and Chinese horoscopes! Learn hundreds of new words on this site alone! They also offer grammar quizzes to can help you learn important aspects of grammar, such as word order (syntax), prepositions, pronouns and more. uses popular movies to teach English lessons in their English Learner Movie Guides. The lessons are based on popular movies and use plot summaries, characters, vocabulary and more to help you learn the English language. Breaking News English is a similar site that uses breaking news stories to teach English! This website organizes breaking news into seven learning levels. provides practice with minimal sound-alike pairs, such as ship or sheep. Aardvark’s English Forum improves your understanding of written English by providing daily quotes and interactive language exercises. English Club invites you to test your knowledge of elementary, intermediate, advanced and specific English terms with their vocabulary quizzes. Advanced English Grammar Exercises are designed for those who are already very familiar with English but want to improve the accuracy of their written and spoken grammar. ESL Resource Center includes lessons, quizzes, activities and helpful tips designed for those who teach ESL courses. Check out what they offer. Maybe it’ll help you, too! Need help with a specific word? Try the Spanish-English Dictionary at