Category: Funeral Expenses

Get assistance for funeral expenses! Funeral costs average between $7,000 and $10,000 depending on the options and services selected. When you’re grieving, seeking the lowest possible price can be overwhelming. Even the so-called affordable services are often more expensive than most low income families can bear.. so we’ve found this list of agencies that offer assistance for funeral expenses. A simple cremation can be significantly cheaper than a burial. Some businesses over cremation for just $500 or so. However, there are many programs offered by state, federal and charitable agencies that offer assistance for funeral expenses. If your departed loved one received VA or social security benefits, for example, you are eligible for assistance with part of the cost through state and federal programs. If you meet certain income thresholds, you may be eligible for even more assistance. While it is unlikely that any agency will completely cover the cost, you will be able to get assistance that will drastically lower your out-of-pocket burden. Click on over to our map to discover the agencies we’ve found in your area that provide assistance for funeral expenses!